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Thursday April 26: Animation Showcase

Our curated monthly screening for April is all about animation. Two of our films are presented by KinoFilm Manchester (special thanks to Iris Bagola), and we also have some great raffle prizes from Elevation Pictures and Mongrel Media. Not to mention that Woodhouse Brewing Co., our Official Beverage Sponsor, is back with $5 tall cans. Join us at 6pm for a frosty cold beer in the lobby and we’ll share our plans for upcoming screenings and our festival in November!

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Thursday April 26th at 7:00pm
(but meet us at 6:00pm in the lobby for pre-screening drinks – $5 tall cans courtesy of Woodhouse Brewing Co.)
Carlton Cinemas
20 Carlton Street (steps from College subway station)


Dir: Deb Tisha Pillai
India/Canada – 2017

8 year-old Lila takes on the daunting task of learning how to cycle, as she faces an unfamiliar parental role-reversal at home.

  • Official Selection (Student Shorts) – Canada’s Top Ten

Duration: 6:00


Dir: Tom Lucas
UK – 2016

WARNING: When in space there are many ways in which to meet an untimely end…

  • Official Selection – Encounters Film Festival

Duration: 1:00


Dir: Réka Bucsi
Hungary – 2013

47 short scenes linked together through their common theme of irrational connections between humans and nature.

Duration: 10:00


Dir: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Sweden – 2017

A dark musical enacted in a modern market place, situated next to a large freeway. The employees of the various commercial venues, portrayed as animals, deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns. The apocalypse is a tempting liberator.

  • Official Selection – Toronto International Film Festival

Duration: 14:00

AFTER ALL (presented by KinoFilm Manchester)

Dir: Michael Cusack
Australia – 2016

After All is said and done. A man clears out his childhood home, remembering past conversations.

Duration: 13:00

CHICKENS (presented by KinoFilm Manchester)

Dir: George Wu
UK – 2016

A story about the friend zone where colleagues Adam and Emma’s feelings manifest themselves into a cute but unavoidable problem.

Duration: 4:00


Dir: Chintis Lundgren
Canada/Estonia/Croatia – 2017

Manivald, a fox, is turning 33. Overeducated, unemployed and generally uninspired, he lives with his overbearing, retired mother and spends his days learning piano while she makes his coffee and washes his socks. It is an easy life, but not a good one. Their unhealthy co-dependence is about to collapse when the washing machine breaks down and Toomas, a sexy and adventurous wolf repairman, arrives to fix it, and them.

Duration: 13:00


Dir: Andy Martin
UK – 2014

An animated short film in twelve parts.

Duration: 12:00


Dirs: Virginia Findlay, Tiya Zhong, Emily Millard, Brad Flowers, Karliegh Ivens, Maude Ashby, Una Di Gallo, Yingqi Wu, Airin Budiman
Canada – 2017

We only know of our neighbours what we eavesdrop. Isolation is impossible in a building with thin walls and sooner or later, its inhabitants will know more about each other they’d care to. Quarters is a flippantly animated portrait of typical flat denizens who live together, yet apart.

  • Official Selection (Student Shorts) – Canada’s Top Ten

Duration: 5:00


Dir: Steve Cutts
UK – 2017

The story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment.

Duration: 4:00

Tickets available online or at the Carlton box office ($10 adults, $7 seniors). Facebook RSVP here!