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Our Partners: Future Shorts

Future Shorts

I’ve been talking to the people at Future Shorts since early in 2011, and am so happy that we are finally launching with them as a partner. Future Shorts, the largest short film network in the world, is a UK-based organization that was founded in 2003 to promote short films from all over the globe to audiences all over the globe. Their sister company Future Cinema has become renowned for re-imagining the filmgoing experience through events like the incredible Secret Cinema.

The organization has recently tweaked their programming and partnership requirements, making it much easier for anyone anywhere to host a screening. They’ve done this by featuring a quarterly program of films in a “pop up festival” format which can be shown anywhere in the world in venues of all sizes. The current program, which we’ll be showing on Friday January 13 (get your tickets!), will be screened in more than 75 cities in 50 countries between November and January. In fact, on the night of our screening, the program will also be showing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Glasgow, Scotland. What’s amazing is that the films have also screened in such far-flung places as Afghanistan, Rwanda, Palestine and Vietnam.

Future Shorts Festival

With your support, I hope to make Shorts That Are Not Pants a regular quarterly event and if we can make that happen together, we’ll be working with Future Shorts again. Come on out to our first screening on Friday January 13th at 7pm at the NFB Mediatheque (150 John St. at Richmond). Tickets are just $10 at the door ($5 if you’re wearing shorts), or $8 in advance.