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Toronto Korean Film Festival 2018 Shorts Competition

We’re very pleased to be co-presenting this year’s shorts competition at the Toronto Korean Film Festival, which runs July 11-15 at Innis Town Hall. The shorts screening takes place on Saturday July 14 at 2:30pm. The following seven short films were chosen from more than 400 submissions, and represent the future of Korean filmmaking. More information and a link to buy tickets here.

Mad Rush (Dir: Hee-Jun LEE)

Suffering from a contamination obsession and panic disorder, Byunghoon is battling through the little things, day by day.

Duration: 16 minutes

Juliana (Dir: Do-Joon KIM)

Sky Apartments was the oldest apartment complex in Seoul. In 2008, the complex was deemed unsafe. After all other the inhabitants are gone, one elderly woman remains.

Duration: 30 minutes

Long-Running (Dir: Seung-o JEONG)

While on leave from his military service, Mingyu takes out his mother’s car and goes camping with Dongwan.

Duration: 9 minutes

Potato (Dir: Rudolf HAN)

Labour works, and she eats potato.

Duration: 9 minutes

I Only Had to Say (Dir: Han-na CHO)

Daughter can not forget her past, but her mother wants to forget it. They have a conversation about the past and present.

Duration: 12 minutes

May 14th (Dir: Eun-Joo BOO)

May 14th is Minjeong’s birthday. And it also happens to be her sister’s wedding day. Minjeong comes to spend the very day all alone.

Duration: 24 minutes

Thirsty (Dir: Su-min YOU)

Hee-joon is a Chinese food delivery man, just trying to get by. An opportunity to make a quick buck presents itself. But things are never as simple as they seem…

Duration: 29 minutes